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Our goal is to help people of all ages, but in particlular adults to fight acne and solve issues with skin problems! We have a ton of information including articles on adult acne with lots of suggestions for products and treatments that may solve your skin problems.

adult acne products ladyAdult acne products are widely available and help offer treatments to sufferers of all ages, but in particular, those who are older than the teens who usually get zits.

How do adult acne products solve the kind of skin problems that mature people are facing? Well, it’s basically the same situation as for kids, but with a few caveats.

Adults typically have different diet and lifestyle habits, so their bodies and skin may have different types of blemishes.

Most acne treatments work on the premise that by decreasing the activity (or over activity in some cases) of the sebaceous glands that lie underneath the facial skin, acne can be controlled.

Some other acne treatment methods target the hormonal triggers of the human body that cause over activity of the sebaceous glands in the first place.

Still other acne treatments are preventive in nature and target the bacteria (or fungal mycotoxins) that cause skin blemishes. In many cases these treatments are dietary and use anti-fungals to help combat the fungal mycotoxins that may be causing the skin problems.

While many people do go to a doctor for help, it is quite common to try and solve the problems ourselves.

A common mistake that is made in treatment prescribed by doctors is that antibiotics are used to solve the bacterial issues, when in reality the situation is worsened as the yeasts and fungal imbalances are made even worse over time.

Most people begin acne treatment at home.

When acne first appears, it is generally not considered to be a chronic issue, as acne is recognized as one of the signs of maturing.

Image conscious adolescents most often resort to home remedies for acne treatment because they see stars in commercials who they can relate to. These home acne treatments generally include washing the face to keep it clear of excessive oil.

However, it must be known that our skin needs a required minimum amount of oil to help it maintain its natural condition. So you should avoid vigorous washing activities that remove all the oil. Such home acne treatments will only work for mild cases of acne. Even so, it may take weeks or even months for the results to become obvious.

For more serious cases of acne, there are a number of general acne treatment options available at the drugstore and pharmacies. Most of these include using creams or lotions that contain recognized anti-bacterial agents.

The most common of these agents is Benzoyl Peroxide.

Among acne sufferers, creams containing benzoyl peroxide have proven to be very effective.

Acne treatment solutions that utilze benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient include the commonly available Benzac AC, Clearasil, Clear by Design, Brevoxyl and Triaz.

Generally, these common acne treatment solutions are safe, effective and inexpensive.

But certain people may react to benzoyl peroxide with visible symptoms like a redness of the skin and even peeling skin. These symptoms have been known to be temporary and over time, users may develop resistance to such side effects.

Other commonly used ingredients in acne treatment available at the pharmacists include Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic acid is especially useful when dealing with acne problems that involve black heads or white heads. This is because Salicylic acid works inside the follicles and helps to slow down the rate at which cells shed. By doing this, it helps prevent the clogging of those follicles or pores.

Although acne products containing salicylic acid are not as popular as those containing benzoyl peroxide, they prove to be a lifesaver for people who react violently to the latter.

Other popular acne products contain medications like Clindamycin, Azelaic Acid, Erythromycin (this is by far the most popular ingredient in acne treatments!) and Isotretinoin.

For those with hormonal imbalances, which result in formation of acne, there are a range of oral antibiotics available which help them deal with and get rid of their problem by killing the bacteria believed to be responsible for skin blemishes.

The problem however is that antibiotics also kill the good bacteria and open the door for yeasts to take over and cause an imbalance in the body.

This is further worsened by the typical American diet which is high in sugar and carbohydrates. This kind of diet actually feeds the fungus and can cause serious skin problems.

If you do opt to take antibiotics tosolve your skin problems, make sure you also take probiotics to keep your system in balance. Doctors these days should already suggest it, but if necessary, tell them you wan to also include probiotics.

These oral acne treatments contain medications like tetracycline, minocycline and even doxycycline. These oral acne treatments work by targeting the bacteria that promotes acne from within the body and is commonly used in cases where superficial methods have failed. But the side effects of such oral acne treatments could include rashes, itching and easy burning due to the effects of sunlight.

If you can follow a good anti-fungal health program, such as those taught by Doug Kauffman and Know The Cause, there is a good chance you will also solve other health issues. Diet is responsible for a lot of problems we have.

As adults with a history of eating poorly we are at greater risk of developing issues that are caused by a yeast imbalance in our digestive systems. Adult acne products may be able to help your problems, but it is still important to get to the cause of the problems and most often this is diet related.

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