Blue Light Acne Therapy

Are you looking for a new effective acne treatment?

A new treatment that will improve your skin is Blue light therapy which is also known as Acne light treatment.

adult acne products ladyIt is also known as Clear-light which targets mainly the patients who are suffering from acne problems. A patient who recovers a bit from acne problem can use acne light therapy to become free from acne. This therapy destroys the bacteria that cause most forms of acne.

One of the forms of acne caused by bacteria is propioni-bacterium acne. This acne creates small porphyrins that help to produce bacteria which cause acne inflammation. Acne light treatment stops the prophyrins by homing inside them. Strangely those porphyrins are exposed to the clear light and are able to create free radicals which destroy the p. acne bacteria.

Acne light treatment is booming and is becoming a wildly popular acne remedy for adults and children alike.

This treatment is drug free or chemical free and fairly easy to help in healing blemishes. Acne treatment is an excellent source in acne medications. There were some queries raised for the safety of this procedure, as the procedure included ultraviolet rays that were harmful to the skin, but fortunately modern Acne light treatments are FDA approved and assures you that they are free from ultraviolet (UV) dangers. The approval of FDA for acne light therapy was given in August 2002.

The procedure of Acne light treatment is very simple. As per studies, a patient will be given two light exposures of 15 minutes in a week and the procedure is of four weeks. This has proved a reduction of 60 % acne in 80 % of patients. This procedure can also take three to six months also. The new Clear-light method uses a new therapeutic blue or red light that uses APCTM technology. Its target is to destroy the surface of acne and to repair it quickly. It is also useful in clearing inflamed acne in period of a month.

Pulsed “light and heat energy” therapy is also being used very often and this is also one of the form of Acne light therapy. This therapy uses light and heat to destroy root causes of acne and the light also works for destroying acne causing bacteria. This acne light therapy also gives fast results and the improvements can be seen in fifty days. This has become very popular as it is fast treatment and less time consuming. This therapy has FDA approval as mild to moderate acne therapy.

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