Green Smoothies for Acne

While your first thought may be that sugar in smoothies can be harmful to acne, rather than help it, I would like you to consider that if you are making your own green smoothies at home you will not have to be as concerned about harmful ingredients.

1407883333_AppleFor example, if you are making a green smoothie with the intention of reducing acne problems you will absolutely want to cut out the sweet ingredients and focus on the healthy cleansing fruits and vegetables.

You also do not want to add anything extra other than fruit, nuts, seed or vegetables.

No grains – no sweeteners (sugar or otherwise) and also stay away from the super sweet fruits and focus more on tart fruits like green apples and berries.

Here is a suggested smoothie for helping your acne problems:

Kale (big bag)

Carrots (2 to 3 large carrots)

Frozen raspberry (1/2 package)

1/4 Cucumber

Brocolli (couple of small heads)

Chia Seeds (handful)


1 or 2 Green Apples

Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth consistency.

This tonic will work wonders for your skin and body!

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