Natural Acne Products

Some people are blessed with good genes. They have blemish-free skin so pimples and blackheads are never a problem. However, there are some people, especially women, who battle acne and pimples constantly. It sometimes starts during the teenage years, when hormones can cause acne, blackhead and pimples. But for most people who do not want to use steroids and heavy acne medication, there are some natural acne products you can use.

Just note that despite a person’s age, one of the most frustrating conditions to deal with is acne. Although we often label this as a teenager’s problem, it’s something that can last well into adulthood. In fact, some people struggle with acne their entire lives. Finding natural acne products that work in relieving and treating the symptoms can be a challenge. Many of the well-known and commercial treatments are filled with harsh chemicals that can irritate those with sensitive skin, particularly of the face. A better alternative that seems to work well for many are natural acne products.

There are many misconceptions regarding why some people are more prone to blemishes than others. We’ve all heard that not washing your face often enough, or eating chocolate can both lead to breakouts. Although the cause of each individual case may vary, treatments usually work well regardless of what’s at the root of the acne. Both natural acne products and other herbal or traditional treatments are designed to combat the blemishes and make them disappear.

Finding the best treatments is fairly simple if you know where to look for them.  Some natural acne products or remedies are readily available while some can be homemade. There are actually many techniques that can be used to combat this skin condition that involve products or items that you may already have in your own home.

You’ve probably heard about toothpaste as an acne remedy. It can do much more than just keep your teeth clean and white. Although many people don’t view it as falling into the acne herbal remedies category, it does. A small amount of toothpaste placed on a blemish before going to bed can help dry it out more quickly. The best toothpaste to use is one that is mint flavored. Stay away from the colored pastes or those that have mouthwash in them.

Strawberry leaves offer some extra benefits for women when it comes to treating this annoying skin problem. Natural acne products that contain or make use of strawberry leaves just require the woman to wash her face as she normally would and then lay the leaves on the areas where the blemishes are. The leaves have a soothing quality to them which can remove some of the swelling that often occurs with a break-out.

Lemon juice is no longer just for the kitchen. It has a place in the bathroom, too! Lemon juice and lemon juice extract is something that can be found easily and abundantly. One lemon can give you a quarter cup of juice you can use! When using lemon juice as one of the natural acne remedies always choose  fresh lemons and squeeze them  just before you need them. Apply the fresh juice to any blemishes, paying particular attention to those in the face, neck and back. The acid in the juice will help dry the pimple more quickly and you’ll have a clearer complexion in no time at all.

Food can be a big help when battling acne. There are “good foods” to eat and foods that you must avoid.  Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of all the nutrients that promote blemish free skin. Vegetables are naturally loaded with lots of vitamins like Vitamin A, C and E. This is definitely a good start to realizing blemish free and acne free skin! Fruits and veggies also contain zinc, which is one of the hardest working mineral found in the body. How about apples, avocado, and  bananas? Or blueberries, grapes, melons and cantaloupe? Add in those artichokes, carrots, broccoli and sweet corn! The list is endless when it comes to fruits and vegetables that make your skin glow! Now you know that natural acne products are easy to find and use!